You’re passionate about a great cause. We’re passionate about making a difference. Together, we can
raise money by inviting the community to paint, laugh, and socialize (because giving back should feel good).
  • The cost for qualified, non-profit organizations, individuals to host fundraising events at Kreative
    Path Studio is $20.00 per admission. You set the selling price for your event. Kreative Path
    Studio will donate the difference between your $20.00 discounted admission cost and the
    admission price that you set, to your organization. We suggest a $35.00-$40.00 per person
    admission price. We have a maximum seating capacity of 40 comfortably.
  • You are required to guarantee a minimum of 12 seats. A $240.00 deposit is required to book your
    fundraiser. You will be refunded $20.00 for each seat sold up to the full amount of the deposit
    once 12 seats have been sold. We book quickly so we suggest that you book your fundraiser 6
    weeks in advance to allow adequate time to sell your seats. We will advertise your fundraiser
    alongside our other events on our social media outlets. If you wish too promote any other types of
    advertising for your event you may do so at your own expense. We also suggest that you publicize
    your fundraiser event on social media sites as well.
  • There are no physical tickets to sell. We handle all payment transactions through our online
    registration system. Your supporters will sign up directly through the posted event / website.
  • We will keep you updated as to how many have signed up. Last minute walk-ins are welcome,
    however we do encourage supporters to register in advance so that we can seat groups together
    and prepare materials before everyone arrives.
  • Within 7 days following the event, Kreative Path Studio will donate proceeds directly to the non-
    profit organization.
  • Presently we allow a maximum of 4 fundraisers per month. We schedule fundraisers for Saturday
    and Sunday afternoons or on Monday-Thursday evenings, providing we haven’t already posted a
    public event to our calendar.
  • Painting events last approximately 3 hours. We are happy to help you select a painting that will
    appeal to a broad range of supporters or one geared towards your event.
  • There is a charge for any events lasting over 3 hours of $40.00 per hour.
  • You are welcome to decorate the studio.
  • Supporters are welcome to BYOB (over 21 years of age of course)
  • Children are welcome; however they must be accompanied by an adult. Keep in mind there will
    be alcohol at the event.
Galas are expensive. Bake sales are a lot of work (and a big mess). The cookie market is cornered. But Kreative
Path Studio checks all of your boxes: a Sip & Paint fundraiser is unique, fun, and profitable. Plus, we run the event
from start to finish so you can focus on having fun